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"The dragon awoke, and strife came..." - Beowulf

'The silent void. Mists roiled and flowed amid a cacophony of noise, the whole a disjointed jumble of abrasive sight and sound. Time passed uncounted and unnoticed. Upon occasion order formed from the disharmony: a fleeting glimpse of forms coalescing in the raucous fog, or a pleasing series of notes, however short-lived, emerging from the horrendous din. Such small victories were fleeting, and were quickly swallowed back into the void.

On one such occurrence, a peculiar series of notes drifted together in a complicated harmony. In the few heartbeats that their strains lifted above the rest of the discordant blaring of the void, the mists responded. A baleful golden orb appeared in the mists, its glassy reptilian pupil staring coldly at the swirl of chaos in which it was enmeshed. And as the harmony subsided and the void swallowed the vision unto itself once again, row upon row of gleaming, dagger-like teeth curled into a victorious smile.

W elcome to the DragonSong PBEM (play by email) game ! You are welcome to lurk if you wish to follow the story as it unfolds. Just follow the 'join' link to the left. Merry met!

~the DragonSong DMs